Anastacia in Luxembourg

Rock star Anastacia just finished her performance at “Rock um Knuedler”, the free outdoor, summer music festival of Luxembourg city. Took me longer than expected to get inside the perimeter, as it was very crowded, but I was finally able to get in for the last three songs of her concert. It was a nice set and people seemed to have enjoyed it. And a few pictures:

Fun in the park

Saturday I had some fun with my kid in the park. Not the best weather, but we headed to Merl Parc with his new bicycle and I took the opportunity to refresh his photo album. I love how Luxembourg looks in the spring, with all the beautiful flowers everywhere!

Theatre photography: Oh, What a Lovely War

This Friday, at the Kulturhaus in Mersch, I had the chance to photograph a wonderful play called “Oh, What a Lovely War”, a New World Theatre Club production, written by Joan Littlewood and the Theatre Workshop back in 1963 and directed by Julie Fraser. I was delighted by the impressive act of such a large and diverse cast (29 people of all ages on the stage). “Oh, What a Lovely War” is an epic musical about World War I, and, while the play itself amused me, I must confess that I was moved by the painful truths it revealed about war …

Where to find free images

As I’m getting visitors from Google directly to some images hosted on my website, I think I should specify that all my images are copyrighted and cannot be used without my written permission. Sure, this should come as default whenever you’re visiting a photographer’s website. And I’m writing this because it seems that most of the visitors who arrive here from search engines don’t really read anything else, so I’m guessing they’re in the hunt for free images. While I don’t host free images on this website, there are plenty places where you can find such photos, so you wouldn’t …