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Luxembourg Magical Visit Card


The Luxembourg Magical Visit Card by photographer Vio Dudau.

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The Luxembourg Magical Visit Card is a small collection of some of my best images of Luxembourg, presented in a pocket-size square booklet. Just like Luxembourg, it seems small at first sight, in just 7.5×7.5 cm, but it unfolds to the curious eye to show its true beauty at the interior, when displayed in its full lentgth of 70 cm.

The Luxembourg Visit Card shows 5 of the most iconic views and landmarks of Luxembourg city on one side, while on the verso it displays 8 of the most beautiful places of the rest of the Grand Duchy: Vianden Castle, Bourscheid Castle, Mullerthal, Diekirch, Esch-sur-Alzette, Clervaux castle, Upper Sure lake and Hohllay cave in Berdorf.

It comes in a small, elegant, white box, so it would make a perfect gift for your friends, family or business partners visiting Luxembourg. Guaranteed to make a great first impression!



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