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Photo book – Luxembourg Magic: Discovering the Grand Duchy


The photo book Luxembourg Magic: Discovering the Grand Duchy (Découvrir le Grand-Duché) by photographer Vio Dudau. See a short preview:

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The photo book Luxembourg Magic: Discovering the Grand Duchy (Découvrir le Grand-Duché). 

This coffee table book features 100 images from the Luxembourg Magic series, along with 5000 words by photographer Vio Dudau in a hardcover book of 156 pages. Book size is 20x30cm (A4).

The text is written in two languages: English and French. The book is also available on Amazon or Letzshop.

The photo book focuses on Luxembourg city, while also having images of Towns & VillagesLandscapes and Castles of Luxembourg. This is the first book in a series of 7. At some point, you will probably want to have the whole collection, so it’s maybe wise to start with the first one, in case you won’t find it later on.


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