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Copyright notice:

·       The images, photos, videos and any artwork on this website are protected by copyright laws and may not be used for any commercial or non-commercial purpose without the express written permission of the copyright holder (Vio Dudau, photographer) or without paying an appropriate fee for the intended usage, as specified in the prices displayed next to each image available for licensing

·       Any unauthorized use of the photos, videos, images or any artwork on this website, including but not limited to AI training, is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.

·       By accessing this website, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions and to respect the copyright of the images displayed on this website.

·       The copyright holder (Vio Dudau) reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

Information about licenses

All digital download images on this website are sold under a Royalty Free license, which means that you only have to pay once to download an image, and then you can use it unlimited times for your projects or for a single client‘s projects, if you respect the terms and conditions of usage. If you’re a professional designer or an (advertising/design) agency and you intend to use an image for more clients, you must buy a license for each different client (not for each different project of the same client).

I’m offering two types of images: Commercial and Editorial (see description of each image).

The Commercial Royalty Free license grants you the right to use the images in both commercial and editorial projects, while the Editorial Royalty Free license grants you the right to use the images only in Editorial projects. For each of these licenses, there are 3 sizes available:

  • Web size: 1200 pixels on the long side (usually this means 1200X800px), enough for usage in a website, blog or social media posts.
  • Medium size: 2500 pixels on the long side (usually this means 2500x1667px), enough for printing in A5 format (21x15cm) at 300 dpi
  • Large size: around 5000 pixels on the long side (usually 5000x3333px or larger), enough for printing in large formats

All specified dimensions are approximate and subject to small variations, if you’re uncertain if an image will fit the layout of your project, please use the contact page to ask.

In addition to these licenses, I’m also offering an Extended Rights license for each still image (photos and illustrations), available only in the largest size: around 5000 pixels on the long side.

The Extended Rights license for Commercial images is suitable for those intending to sell physical or digital items featuring the image in an essential way: fine art prints or posters, mouse pads, mugs, postcards/greeting cards, t-shirts, calendars, printed bags, but also wallpapers, website templates, screen savers, e-cards, powerpoint presentations or other digital templates that are intended for sale to more than one final customer.

The Extended Rights license or Extended Video License is also needed for using the pictures/videos in large printed or digital billboards, street advertising and any other large display over 100 centimeters (on the long side) in public places, where the public has access with or without an entrance ticket. However, this license is not needed for large displays in private places where only authorized personnel can enter (interior of a private company’s offices for example).

The Extended Rights license also contains the regular Royalty Free license, so you will be able to use the images both for selling physical or digital items featuring the images in an essential way, and for regular usage explained above.

I’m also offering the possibility of a Full Exclusive Rights license for the first buyer of each image, commercial or editorial, available at full size (around 5000px on the long side). This license grants you the exclusive rights of usage of the bought image, including Royalty Free and Extended Rights explained above, but does not transfer the copyright to you and you cannot state that you are its author. I will still be able to feature the image in my portfolio, however I will not license it to anyone ever again. This license is suitable for large campaigns or important book covers/documentary covers, to eliminate the risk of seeing the same image used by competition in the same time, for a different campaign. Due to its specific, this license is only available to the first buyer of an image. After the image has been purchased at least once by someone else for a regular license at any size (prints are excluded from counting), the option to buy full exclusive rights is no longer available, unless you request it, knowing that the image has been used before and can be used again by a previous buyer.

Full Exclusive Rights only applies to licensing, the images will still remain available as limited edition fine art prints. If you want to eliminate the option that the photographer could sell prints of the image, you should also buy the Unique Exclusive Print of the same image.

Information about fine art prints

I am also offering Fine Art Prints for some of the photos on this website. The prints come signed and numbered and will be delivered to the address specified in your account (if you haven’t specified an address, please edit your profile before placing an order). By default, the prints are approximately 40×60 cm (the paper is 42×59.4 cm but the actual image is 40×58 cm to leave room for signature underneath) and come with a certificate of authenticity. Where I can deliver myself, if you live in Luxembourg or surroundings, I will deliver them already framed. If you live in a different country, the prints will arrive unframed by default. If you live in a different country and still want the prints already framed, please contact me and I’ll make it happen, for a 50 Euro surcharge (the shipping is really expensive).

Some images can be ordered as UNIQUE Exclusive prints, which means that you will be the only person in the world who will own a signed, fine art print of that image. Buying a Unique Exclusive print does not remove the image from licensing, but other clients won’t be able to buy a limited edition fine art print any longer.

For ordering prints at a different size, please use the Contact page and let me know what size would you like, so I can tell you the price. All prices include delivery.

Copyright notice for prints: When you buy a print from me, you are only buying the physical print and the right to display it, so you are not buying the rights for the image. The copyright of the image will always remain mine. You may resell the original print bought from me, but you can never sell reprints or adaptations of it. You may not scan, photograph, duplicate, copy, publish or otherwise utilize the image in any manner without my prior written authorization. If you want to use the image in editorial or commercial purposes, you still need to purchase a license, even if you have bought a print already.

When in doubt, please use the contact page to ask your questions, and I will usually respond in less than 12 hours (I rarely answer the phone, but I’m reading all the emails, including those that don’t end up in the inbox, so please use the email when contacting me).