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All payments on this website are processed by the official payment processors displayed during checkout. I am not processing payments myself, nor can I see your payment info that you are filling in during checkout. All I can see is the name of the payment processor you have selected (for example Payconiq) and, of course, the product ordered and the price paid, not the card details or your account balance.

payment methods

To understand the process, the money you are paying are going directly to the payment processing company, and from there, in a few days, to my bank account. The only exception is when you are paying through bank transfer, and then, of course, you have to make the transfer directly into my bank account, but this is also the paying method that will delay the shipping of your order or the ability to download the digital files until I can verify that the money have entered my bank account.

I am currently accepting the following paying methods listed below, available to you during the checkout process (after you have added the products to your cart and click or press the Checkout button). If you add an item to your cart, you may see some of these payment methods directly in the cart (for simplified ordering), but to have access to all payment methods, you have to go to checkout and select a payment method at the bottom of the page, below the details of your order and price to pay.

  1. Paypal (processed by PayPal) – this will direct you to Paypal, where you can pay with the money you have in your PayPal account, but also with a card or bank account (if you have linked your bank account in PayPal).
  2. Amazon payments (processed by Amazon Europe) – this will take you to Amazon, where you can pay with your preferred payment methods that you have saved in your Amazon account.
  3. Payconiq (former Digicash for Luxembourg users) – this payment method will display a QR code after the checkout process is done, which you can scan with your Payconiq app (or Payconiq section of your S-net mobile app) to make the payment
  4. Bank Transfer – this will let you finish your order, but you will receive instructions about where to transfer the money, so that the order can be complete. Only after receiving the money in my bank account, the order will be marked as complete and the products will be shipped, or the digital downloads will become available. If you’re not a fan of online shopping or filling your payment data online, you can select this method, however, please understand that it will also be the slowest in processing your order.
  5. Visa, Mastercard and other major cards (processed by Stripe) – where you can simply insert your credit card data and go through the verification if you have it enabled.
  6. Depending on how you order on this website, from what device or browser, you may see available also Google Pay or Apple Pay – these are processed by Google or Apple. You would have to be logged in into your Google account on that browser to see Google Pay, or buy from a Safari browser on your iPhone to see Apple Pay.

In case you would like to cancel or refund an order that you already paid for, please understand that it may take a few days, up to two weeks, before the money gets back to you, because, as I explained at the beginning, the money doesn’t immediately enter my bank account, they go to the payment processing company first.

Here you can find my legal info, in case you need it, and here you can find the terms and conditions of ordering on my website.

That’s all, happy shopping!