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photo of the day Luxembourg

Foggy autumn morning in Kirchberg, Luxembourg city. I shot this photo back in 2015, and with it, my passion for photographing the fog reignited. I love this photo, as it was totally spontaneous, I was coming back from a small job and I had no intention to shoot street photography, but I noticed two silhouettes coming out of the fog in distance and I realized this may look good, so I stopped for 1 minute to capture the scene.

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Follow me on your favorite social media platform or come back often to my Photo Journal on this page to see photos that I’ve taken in and around Luxembourg or in the rest of Europe. As a professional photographer, I shoot a lot of corporate photography, events, weddings, sports or architecture, but I often take a photo tour just for myself, mostly in Luxembourg but also abroad, to shoot street photography, landscapes or cityscapes.

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If you’re not a social media fan and don’t really have time to read articles and blogs, you can still enjoy here a few bits of news and updates through my photos. See what I was recently up to by following my photo journal.

I work as a professional photographer and on the days off I take photos for myself mostly in Luxembourg and surroundings and, as a freelance photographer who covers many photography genres, my subjects are really variated. You can find these photos in my books, calendars, postcards, greeting cards, as digital downloads or as fine art prints for wall decor:

Check out the photo journal archive below for more photos from Luxembourg and abroad. Some of these images have been shared on my social media pages on different platforms, others are posted just here in my photo journal. Enjoy!

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