Schueberfouer 2023 Inauguration

Schueberfouer 2023 has been officially opened today, for the 683rd time. I’ve been to Schueberfouer every year since 2014, but never for the inauguration until today.

It was fun to see all the VIPs greeting (and being greeted by) the people, a wave of happiness all around and, of course, the march of the sheep around the fair.

schueberfouer 2023 luxembourg

Schueberfouer is the biggest funfair in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Greater Region, dating back to 1340, when it was founded by John the Blind, as a market for cattle and agricultural products. That’s the reason why, every year, sheep with ribbons in Luxembourgish flag colors are being marched around the funfair in the inauguration day (this particular tradition is called Hämmelsmarsch).

Traditionally, the mayor of Luxembourg city (currently Lydie Polfer) opens the fair and then visits the fairground together with other politicians.

If you’re in Luxembourg between 23 August – 11 September, be sure to visit Schueberfouer and its attractions in Place de Glacis, every day from 12 p.m. to 1 a.m.

See the full schedule on the official website. There will be plenty of events and a nice fireworks show on the final day.

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Photo Dudau Luxembourg
Photo Dudau Luxembourg
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