Schueberfouer has been around for almost 700 years. In 2017, it will be its 677th edition, between August 23rd and September 11th. It’s the biggest and oldest funfair in Luxembourg and some say it’s the oldest in the world, although this is questionable, as it was just a huge market at first, when it was founded by John the Blind, on 20th of October 1340.

The shows, concerts and fun games only appeared after 450 years, in the 18th century, and the Schueberfouer was moved to its actual site, in the place called Glacis Square today (Fouerplaatz) – which usually serves a public parking.

Schueberfouer Luxembourg
Schueberfouer funfair in Luxembourg

I know that most people have visited the fair already in the past years, as the authorities estimate about 2 million visitors per year, but for those who just moved in Luxembourg and for those who are just visiting during this time, I thought I should post some photos and videos from the last 3 editions. So, if you’re in Luxembourg between 23.08 – 11.09, be sure to pay a visit to this great amusement park, here’s what to expect:

  • free entrance
  • more than 150 attractions in total, including 20 major rides, 10 children’s rides and around 50 restaurants
  • fireworks show on the last day (night actually)
Schueberfouer Luxembourg
Free fall from some 80 meters high
Schueberfouer in Luxembourg
Take a ride, have fun and see the city from above

See 15 more pictures in the gallery below:

And a video from the past editions:

You shouldn’t miss the final night, when a beautiful fireworks show takes place, although I would recommend seeing it from another place, away from the crowd. Last year, I saw it from the city centre, with a nice view over Grund and Kirchberg:

Schueberfouer fireworks
Download fireworks in Luxembourg city photo.

Have fun and stay safe!

Learn all about Schueberfouer on the official website.

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Photo Dudau Luxembourg
Photo Dudau Luxembourg
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