If you’re looking for a nice end-of-the-year gift for your parents, colleagues, boss, employees, or even for yourself, the Luxembourg Calendar 2024 may be just the right answer! It’s big, it’s beautiful, it’s diverse and will come your way very soon! In 2024 we have the 9th calendar published by Photo Dudau, this being the fourth Luxembourg Magique edition of 52 pages! This year, the challenge has moved from choosing the right images to selecting the ones that haven’t been used in any of the previous years. Let me explain in depth what you can expect from the calendar this year, and keep in mind that the deliveries will start in mid-October 2023:

luxembourg calendar 2024 - luxembourg magique
luxembourg calendar 2023

For the next year, the Luxembourg Calendar 2024 will have not 12 months, but 52 weeks! So we won’t have the usual 12 pages, but 52 pages and images, one for each week of the year!

The calendars, featuring photos of Luxembourg shot by myself, are cheap enough to be considered a symbolic present, yet expensive enough to be seen as a real gift. They’re also beautiful, so they will be loved by the one who receives them!

I have prepared the Luxembourg Magique 2024 calendars this year in 2 different sizes: a large and wonderful wall calendar 40x30cm (A3) and a large and beautiful desk calendar 30x20cm (A4). Their photos and layout are the same, only the size is different. All of them have 52 pages, one per week, in 26 sheets printed on both sides.

The Luxembourg Magique 2024 Calendar took me a lot of time to produce, but I’ve done it with love and it includes photos from all around the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg:  Luxembourg City, Bertrange, Mamer, Strassen, Ettelbruck, Vianden, Diekirch, Mondercange, Altlinster, Bourglinster, Clervaux, Sanem, Remich, Remerschen, Machtum, Lac de Haute-Sûre, Bech-Kleinmacher, Bourscheid, Differdange, Waldbillig, Moselle, Bivels, Canach, Vichten, Blaschette.

Order your Luxembourg Calendar now:

Calendrier Luxembourg Calendar 2024

Here is a sample page from inside the calendar, so you can see the layout. As you may notice, this year as well I’m keeping the focus on the images, but also leave enough space for you to note down any important events that you may have in certain days:

luxembourg calendar 2024 - july

I really love photographing Luxembourg and everything it has to offer, but I think you will understand when you’ll see the images. What I love about photography is the fact that I can actually be there in those moments and witness with my own eyes what I can show later on in my pictures.

Here is a small preview of only 30% of the pages in the new 2024 Luxembourg calendar:

The calendars are printed on good quality paper and each calendar has 52 pages + notes page + covers. They can be ordered on my website and the shipping is free anywhere in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

For corporate clients, I can personalize / include your logo only for large orders of over 50 copies. There is also a page inside where you can share a presentation of your company (like a flyer).

The stock is limited, I only have a few of them available. Of course, I can order more if they go fast, but this is a time sensitive action and the delivery may take anything between 10-15 working days. So, if they all go and there is not enough time to get others by the end of the year, you won’t be able to order anymore.

The desk calendars, in A4 sizes (30×20 cm), are small enough to place them on your desk (whether you have an office or you’re working from home), yet big enough for you to enjoy the pictures.

The captions of photos are written in English, while the months, weeks and days of the week are written in French, English, German and Luxembourgish. It’s a lovely, international community-oriented product. If you’re thinking of ordering a large batch for your company (over 50 pieces), I can include your logo and contact details on the cover, a flyer in the interior and also your logo on each page. Just let me know of this before you order, so you can be sure that it still can be done (told you, time sensitive matter).

I’m glad I was able to create these calendars in time and I hope you will all enjoy them. Let’s all share the joy! Check out other Luxembourg gifts from the shop:

Check them out here and don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. If you send me a message I’ll do my best to reply in the same day.

Yours truly,

Vio Dudau

Luxembourg photographer