For regular photo shootings, with a fixed date and duration, I usually charge by the hour, not by the picture. This means that, after selection and post-processing, you will get most of the photos from your photo session or event, in digital format, at full resolution.

The prices for most of my photography services (events, conferences, sports photography, press interviews and photoreportages, business portraits) are starting at around 175 Euro per hour spent on location. However, since every project is unique, we really need to talk specifically about yours and decide on the formula and price that would work best.

For weddings, considering that the photography process is more intense and requires taking much more pictures in a short amount of time, the price is 200 Euro per hour spent on location.

If your project’s goal is to obtain specific pictures (conceptual photography, landscapes or cityscapes, architecture and so on), then we can also work on a price per picture if you prefer, in which case you don’t have to worry about how much time I spend on shooting for your project. I will take my time and work on getting the best results, no matter how long it takes.

Please contact me and try to provide as much details as possible about your photo (or video?) project and I will reply shortly with a good quote, so we can all be happy.