Football: FC Differdange 03 – Victoria Rosport on 30.08.2020

This Sunday, I had the pleasure to photograph the football match between FC Differdange 03 and Victoria Rosport, on the Municipal Stadium in Differdange, Luxembourg.

The guests won with 3-2. It was a powerful match, full of occasions, it got a little heated at times, but that’s the beauty of the competition.

You can find below some photos from the match. The clubs playing (including players) and persons visible in the pictures can use up to 5 watermarked photos per match for free, if they don’t remove my copyright (a link, where possible, would be highly appreciated as well).

The whole gallery of 150 photos in high resolution (without my signature) is available for a price here.

Individual images at high resolution will be available soon.


A larger photo gallery is available on Luxembourg Champions.

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Photo Dudau Luxembourg
Photo Dudau Luxembourg
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