Floods in Luxembourg and Belgium

The floods that hit Luxembourg and Belgium on the evening of July 14th, 2021, caught me in Esneux, Belgium, close to Spa and Liege, one of the worst affected areas. Trying to get out of the incredibly long queues on the few roads still opened, I was redirected by the GPS 6 times and spent several hours in traffic (for a trip that should have lasted one hour). At one point, the GPS told be to take a left on this street: It didn’t seem like a good idea, so I tried another route, but not before taking a few …

Steampunk Convention Echternach

This Saturday, I went to Echternach for the Steampunk Convention with the theme “La transformation de la Petite Marquise”. To be honest, I don’t know much about steampunk, but I’m not really saying no to a photo opportunity. I found lovely costumes, nice music, bought a few souvenirs and had fun.   See more photos in the slideshow below: The convention continues on Sunday as well (6th of August), at the historical market square in Echternach, Luxembourg. Some of these photos are available for licensing.