Brexit in Luxembourg

From January 31st 2020, at midnight, the United Kingdom and the European Union parted ways after 47 years and the British community in Luxembourg marked the moment with deep sadness. I joined them to see how the Brexit looks from Luxembourg. It feels a bit weird to come back to the blog with a sad event, but it was a historic moment and I simply had to document it. I started the evening at the church of St Alphonse on rue des Capucins, where the Anglican Church of Luxembourg organised a Brexit vigil, together with British Immigrants Living In Luxembourg …

Modball Rally in Luxembourg

On Monday morning, Modball Rally had a pit stop in Clausen, Luxembourg city. People could admire lots of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren and other supercars. Some photos from the event, enjoy (rotate your phone and use the arrows or swipe left-right): You can see the next locations in Europe on Modball official website.