Christmas in Luxembourg

Oh boy, oh boy, is that time of the year again, when Christmas comes to Luxembourg city! For those who haven’t lived here for long, let me tell you: besides spring, summer and autumn, winter is the best place to be in Luxembourg. No, not much snow here in the Grand Duchy, but usually from 23 November until 23 December, the city turns on the holiday lights and the Christmas markets open for a whole month of feasts and celebration. There will be 4 (yes, four!) Christmas markets in the City Centre, beautiful festive lights all around, an Ice Ring …

Winterlights 2016

Tuesday, November 22, Luxembourg has officially started the 2016 festive season, by lighting up the Christmas lights in Place Guillame and all the streets in the city centre. I couldn’t miss it, even if I had only 20 minutes or so to check them out. Well done, Luxembourg! Photos: Christmas markets will open on Wednesday, November 23. Party! For using some of these photos, use this link: Christmas in Luxembourg.