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Anti-War protest in Luxembourg

Anti-war protest in Luxembourg by Amnesty International

Amnesty International called for an anti-war protest in Luxembourg city, in front of Russian Embassy in Luxembourg. The protest marked a month since the Russian invasion began in Ukraine.

I managed to get to the protest and shot a few pictures.

People hanged sunflowers, the symbol of Ukraine, and brought anti-war banners, mainly directed at Putin and his horrific attack.

See the pictures below:

It was the first time I could go to an anti-war protest in Luxembourg, since the Russian invasion began. I always hoped that Putin would find a good enough reason to back down after the first week, it didn’t happen and it seems that it won’t happen very soon either.

I support the people of Ukraine in these horribile times for them, I hope they will find the strength and resources to rebuild most of their destroyed cities soon.

If you think you can help, here are a few ways to do so from Luxembourg:

Donate to the Ukrainian community in Luxembourg, they know much better where the help is most needed.

If you have jobs available for Ukrainian refugees, post them on the dedicated job boards and help them support their families.

If you have enough space, think of hosting the refugees in your house.

I have launched a charity sale of I #StandwithUkraine posters. All the proceedings from those 3 images will be donated to Ukrainian refugees, through Fondations Lions Luxembourg (recommended by LUkraine Asbl). Maybe a drop in the ocean, but this is what I can do to help.

Voice your opinion and concerns about the war in social media and anywhere you can. You probably know by now, the Kremlin propaganda is working tirelessly to justify and shine a legitimate light on the war, mostly by disinformation and whataboutism. Let’s help more people to not fall in this trap.

I’m also deeply sorry for the Russian population and Russian-speaking people in Luxembourg and all around Europe, for being dragged in a war against their will, and who will probably face some kind of (unjustified) hatred or discrimination in the near future, without having anything to do with their leader’s “special military operation”. Let’s not fall for xenophobia, Russia is so much more than just Putin and his military ambitions.

I hope the peace will come sooner than later.

Humanity will prevail!

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