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Theatre photography: Harlem Hotel

This week, 16-20 November 2016, you can see the Harlem Hotel, a lovely play by Pirates Productions, at Gasperich Church Hall, in Luxembourg.

The show is set in a New York hotel in the early ’70s, featuring a cast of colourful characters and classic jazz, funk, soul and pop numbers from that period. The evening will be staged in cabaret style – the action takes place not just in front of the audience, but also around it. The public is invited to take a seat in the restaurant, have a meal and/or drinks, while the show is happening on the stage, around the tables, or at the bar. Quite interesting! I can surely recommend it, if you’re in the mood for a relaxing evening at the theatre, with food, drinks and music.

[aside]Play: Harlem Hotel

Date: 16-20 November 2016

Address: Gasperich Church Hall,



And, of course, here are the photos:

The Cast:

Valerie Scott; Athena Teligadas; Sarah Vadsø-Jensen; Ene Saare; David Sousa Lopes; Frazer Alexander; Philip Dutton; Anne Weis; Zsofia Eberhard; Maiken Thamdrup; Artemios Vogiatzis; Marina Tomasic; Florin Purice; Rachel Lloyd; Ciara Barker; Martina Krasnik; Athena Turek-Hankins; Beverley Atkinson; Madalina Marincu

The Band:

Paule Rodesch; Eric Gherardi; Luca Sghirinzetti; Daniela Krueger; Julia Belova; Julien Farlin


Julien Farlin; Nataša Vlaović-Puntar


Klaudia Sauerová

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