Sënnesräich Park in Lullange

This past weekend, we had some family fun at Sënnesräich Park in Lullange. Have you visited  this place yet? It’s great!

The kids were delighted by the playground and the green labyrinth. The garden is open every day:

Park Sennesraich Lullange Luxembourg
Park Sennesraich – the labyrinth

While the park itself is nice, but may not seem very special under Luxembourgish standards (there’s a great park everywhere you go), everything changes when you enter the 5 senses rooms, the indoor part of the complex. Now, that’s a well done leisure area, both for kids and grown ups. They have so much fun things to do there! The 5 senses rooms are open Thursday, Friday (13h00 – 17h00), Saturday and Sunday (10h00 – 17h00):

Park Sennesraich in Lullange
Don’t worry, that’s a glass floor
Park Sennesraich in Lullange
The funny mirrors room

We played the most in the music room, where you can play the drums and different instruments, to generate all kinds of funny sounds.

Park Sennesraich in Lullange
The music room

The Kaleidoscope room fits just right after that:

Park Sennesraich in Lullange
Kaleidoscope room

They even have a nice bistro downstairs, with an open terrace, so you can relax, have lunch or a drink while the kids are playing in the playground in front of you. The Bistro is open from Tuesday to Sunday (12h00 – 17h00):

Park Sennesraich
Park Sennesraich – The Bistro
Park Sennesraich in Lullange
Park Sennesraich – the playground

See more pictures in this slideshow:

And when you’re all done, you can step in the exhibition room and buy some nice art, made by Lëlljer Gaart’s handicapped employees. From what I understand, all proceeds from this exhibition are being reinvested in the cooperative.

Park Sennesraich in Lullange
The art exhibition

These being said, if you want to enjoy a nice family day both indoors and outdoors, with fun activities and good food, I can gladly recommend you Park Sënnesräich. The address is Maison 30, L-9762 Lullange, Luxembourg.


Photo Dudau Luxembourg
Photo Dudau Luxembourg
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