Theatre photography: Oh, What a Lovely War

This Friday, at the Kulturhaus in Mersch, I had the chance to photograph a wonderful play called “Oh, What a Lovely War”, a New World Theatre Club production, written by Joan Littlewood and the Theatre Workshop back in 1963 and directed by Julie Fraser.

I was delighted by the impressive act of such a large and diverse cast (29 people of all ages on the stage). “Oh, What a Lovely War” is an epic musical about World War I, and, while the play itself amused me, I must confess that I was moved by the painful truths it revealed about war in general.

The audience seemed to have enjoyed it too, and my only conclusion is: Oh, What a Lovely Play!

Just a short selection from Friday:

The Cast:

Sarah Carty; Siofra Collins; Ann Comfort; Holly Fraser; Jan Horsburgh; Camilla Kjeldmann; Natasha Liati; Madalina Marincu; Rhona Richards; Julie Savary; Natasa Vlaovic; Steve Wilkie; Mike West; Pat Weldon; Alex Wall; Artemis Vogiatzis; Tiernan Taylor; Andrew Stewart; Martin Sommerer; John Overstall; Daniel Halici; Matt Gambrill; Philip Dutton; Magnus Chan; Victor Bonanno; Olivier Baume; Christopher Albrecht; Sebastian Adams.

Photo Dudau Luxembourg
Photo Dudau Luxembourg
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