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When you think of a photographer, the first image that comes to your mind is not of a guy in his pyjamas, sitting on a chair at his desk all day long, is it? Truth is, photographers nowadays are spending more time on social media than actually taking pictures.

While I fully understand and believe in the power of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the rest of the social networks, this situation still doesn’t feel right to me. By the way, do you know how many social media websites are there in the world today? Hundreds. Managing the most important social media accounts can be very time consuming. Some photos work better on Facebook, others work better on Instagram, Twitter has its own specific and so on. Selecting the right content for a specific channel is a real challenge, as the public is different. And I think a photographer should spend more time out there exploring, observing and shooting.

I’m only writing this because it doesn’t seem obvious to everyone: 90% of being a photographer means sitting on a chair: culling and post-processing the photos, updating social media accounts and interacting with followers, blogging, reading, watching tutorials and so on. Only 10% at most represents the time spent actually taking the pictures. And I didn’t even mention the clients and what it takes to get some (you know, at the end of the day, likes and shares don’t pay the bills).

So, to simplify things, I started this daily photoblog, where I will post one picture per day. Or, at least, one picture every working day. I’m not cutting off social media at all, but I truly don’t have the time to be very active on any of my social media accounts. However, I do want to share my images with the world, so here they are, everything in one place:

photo blog
Daily photoblog by Luxembourg photographer Vio Dudau

I’ll be mostly posting street photography, landscapes, urban and travel photography, fresh photos or unpublished as much as possible, but also older pictures that mean something to me. Hopefully, they will mean something to you as well. As I live in Luxembourg city, expect plenty of pictures taken here. It’s a beautiful city after all, and Luxembourg is a wonderful country, having plenty photo opportunities to offer to a photographer, whether we’re talking about landscapes, interesting architecture or street scenes.

If you like any of these images, you can share it with your friends on your favorite social media channels and I’ll owe you one. If you don’t like them, come back tomorrow, I may have something good for you.


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Photo Dudau Luxembourg
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