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I took these photos during a cold, early autumn morning about three years ago in the Kirchberg forest, in Luxembourg city. The sun showed up and offered me a nice, warm light to play with. As I went alone, like most of the times, I thought I should just take advantage of this beautiful light and be my own model.

So, I put the camera on tripod, set the timer on for 10 seconds and, for each shot, I ran in front of the camera and took a different pose. I didn’t think of photographing myself when I went there, so I didn’t have a remote control with me, it was just a spontaneous idea. Needless to say, with all the back and forth, I ran a lot that morning 🙂

I’ll get to the subject after a few pictures from that day:

forest luxembourg

photo forest luxembourg

kirchberg forest

So, a few weeks after, I wanted to come back and take more pictures, because it was pretty close to where I live and I really liked the place. Woke up early in the morning, packed the camera, tripod, and a remote control this time 🙂 and went straight to the forest. Only to realize that the part of the forest where I was planning to shoot was cut off, trees down, the small pathway blocked and no way to enter.

I suddenly realized how transient life is. I know I will leave this world at some point, like we all do, I know there’s an end to every beginning, but I certainly didn’t expect to see a forest die before I do. And yet, it happened. Apparently, there was a construction project planned, so they cut all the trees in that area to make way for the construction site of the future building.

What’s interesting is that when I’ll be a memory as well, these pictures will probably still have a life of their own. I hope they will live forever, but who knows?

photo forest kirchberg luxembourg

Photo Dudau Luxembourg
Photo Dudau Luxembourg
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