Nandu (not an Ostrich) in Luxembourg city

Just a regular Saturday night in Luxembourg city, we went for a walk in the city centre, when my wife says: “look, someone is taking a selfie with an ostrich!”. Now, I have a noise cancelling mind, so I almost didn’t process what she told me, because it seemed so unreal. But a few seconds later, I did process the information, looked and what do you know? Someone WAS taking a selfie with an ostrich in the tram station!

We went to see what’s up, since we still coulnd’t believe what was happening in front of us.

The bird name is Nande, it’s a nandu (or rhea), not an ostrich, and the keeper, Janez Cetin, comes from Slovenia. They are traveling the world, apparently to raise awareness to living a healthy life. Yesterday, they were in Luxembourg city, today, they must be in Paris. If you want to follow their adventure, you can check out their Facebook page.

Police came quickly and checked their documents, but they didn’t want to be photographed for some reason. Anyway, both the bird and its keeper had all the proper documents in order, the bird is vaccinated and all, so they continued their trip by tram to the Gare, where they took the train to Paris.

Obviously, you don’t see such a big bird casually walking in Luxembourg city every day, so everyone was awed, taking pictures and selfies, in the tram station and inside the tram.

Just another Saturday night in Luxembourg 🙂

Photo Dudau Luxembourg
Photo Dudau Luxembourg
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